Individual students at colleges and universities across the country join the Federation by voting in a campus-wide referendum. To start this process on your campus email us today.

Member Local Students’ Unions

Student union autonomy is a fundamental principle of the Federation. Independent students’ unions act as representatives for individual members in provincial and national decision-making. Member local students’ unions carry out advocacy work and campaigns on campus and in the community.

National General Meetings

The Federation hosts National General Meetings in June and November every year. At these meetings representatives from member local students’ unions discuss and vote on resolutions, setting the priorities for the year to come.

At National General Meetings, member locals elect and ratify the National Executive (the board of directors) and review the finances, bylaws and policies of the Federation.

National Executive

The National Executive of the Federation is the board of directors, charged with enacting the decisions made at the National General Meetings. The composition of the Federation includes representation from provincial components, caucuses and constituency groups.

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Provincial General Meetings

Provincial components are comprised of all member local student associations within a particular province. Provincial components can adopt their own resolutions and policy as long as they are in-line with national policy.

Components elect representatives to sit on the national executive that are ratified at national general meetings.

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Provincial Executive

The provincial executive is the board of directors of the provincial component, charged with enacting the decisions made at the provincial general meeting. The provincial executive represents your perspectives in lobbying the provincial government.

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