March 21, 2018

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Racism in our institutions affects individuals through the learning environment and the campus community. This institutional racism generations tensions that distort cultural understanding and narrow the educational experiences of all students. There are very few policies and procedures at the systemic level that challenge racist and colonial behaviour.

In addition, high tuition fees impact racialized students disproportionately, due to the marginalization of these communities. Access to equal education is already challenging in primary and secondary schools, and more difficult within the postsecondary school system.

Through its various campaigns, the Federation aims to promote awareness about racism and colonialism on campuses as something that impacts students within postsecondary education. Students continue to fight for affirmative action policies on campuses, as well as student-related administration committees to have a minimum of one racialized student representative.

This year, the Federation is implementing recommendations from the Racialized and Indigenous Student Experience Summit by taking steps toward anti-racist and de-colonizing practices on college and university Senates and Boards. To learn more about our anti-racist and de-colonizing campaigns and initiatives, please contact

Students will continue to fight for equity for racialized and Indigenous students across the country. Through advocacy for a non-Euro-centric perspective in the development of curricula and the equal representation of racialized and Indigenous students in decision-making spaces, students will build a standing network across the country to organize and share best practices to combat racism and colonialism on our campuses and in our communities.