March 1, 2018

International Disability Day of Mourning

The CFS-FCEE and the Students with Disabilities Constituency acknowledges and honours March 1st as the International Disability Day of Mourning.

On this day, we recognize that persons with disabilities are disproportionately affected by violence, especially violence from family, caregivers, and partners. Persons with Disabilities are twice as likely to be victims of violent crimes.

We recognize that in our current capitalist society bodies and minds that are deemed less productive are seen as less than, burdens, and as tragedies, which perpetuates violence against persons with disabilities.

Persons with Disabilities are not burdens, tragedies, or less than, our lives are valid, important and are to be honoured, respected and validated.

Presently, students with disabilities are continually denied services, denied accommodations, and made to feel burdensome.

We recognize the effects intersecting identities have on the risk of persons with disabilities experiencing violence, including intersections of gender, race, sexuality, working status, age, and immigration status.

During this week it is imperative that all of us challenge our internalized ableism, that we examine the language that we use, and whose lives we continue to deem more important than others. We must dismantle our internalized systems of oppression in order to continue to fight all systems of oppression which our bound together under capitalism.