March 6, 2018

Stop the deportation of #AbdoulAbdi

Abdoul Abdi came to Canada as a 6 year-old refugee from Somalia, was taken from his family and placed in 31 separate group and foster homes. After Nova Scotia Children’s Aid failed to apply for his citizenship, he now faces deportation away from his home and family to a country he does not know. Should this deportation order move forward, Mr. Abdi could lose his rights to work and to healthcare, as he pursues a constitutional challenge.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen are both on record stating that the child welfare system failed Mr. Abdi; nevertheless, the Canadian state is proceeding with a deportation hearing. On February 12, during a town hall in Halifax, Trudeau called for the acknowledgment of anti-Black racism in Canada, but evaded questions from Mr. Abdi’s sister, Fatouma Abdi.

Without intervention by the Canadian Government, Abdoul Abdi will be ordered deported tomorrow, March 7th, 2018.

Folks are encouraged to tweet #AbdoulAbdi, and to write/call Ralph Goodale and Justin Trudeau to compel them to stop the deportation hearing.


Ph: 613-944-4875 or 1-800-830-3118
tw: @RalphGoodale

Ph: 613 995-0253 or 514 277-6020
tw: @JustinTrudeau